Indication:- For black heads , wrinkles , pimples , black pigmentation , erase marks in skin , itches , scabis & parastic disease.
Dosage :- Use ABHIRAMI oil full of the body with Face. Use every day before bath.
Advantage: - For softening the skin gives softness colourful and long lasting fragrance of  sandal is retained throughout the day.
Presentation:- 100ml
Indication :- Erectile dysfunction, sexual weakness, functional inpotance, premature ejaculation, infertility, general debility, loss of libido, nocturnal emission, sexual neurasthenia, nervine tonic , frigidty in women, oligospermia, increases sperm count & motility, revitalizer, increases vim, vigour & vitality                  ADEVES EFFECT: - Only for adult.
            Dossage:- 30gm each morning and evening
Presentation :- 200gm [Granules] 500gm [Rasayanam]
  1. Kottamchukkadi Thailam
  2. Nalpamarodi Keram
  3. Pinda Thailam
  4. Sahacharadi Thailam
  5. Dhanwantharam Thailam
  6. Karpasasthyadi Thailam
  7. Balaswagandhadi Thailam
  8. Dinesavalyadi Thailam
  9. Bala Thailam
  10. Asanavilwadi Thailam
  11. Balaguluchyadi Thailam
  12. Balahatadi Thailam
  13. Kayyonnyadi Thailam
  14. Sahacharadi Kuzhampu
  15. Dhanwantharam Kuzhampu
  16. Balaswagandhalakshadi Thailam
  17. Murivenna
  18. Neelibhrimgadi Thailam
  19. Brahmi Thailam
  20. Karpooradi Keram
  21. Thriphaladi Enna
  22. Agasthya Rasayanam
  23. Chyavana Prasam
  24. Panchajeeraka Gudam
  25. Sathavori Gulam
  26. Aswagandhadi Lehyam
  27. Koosamnda Rasayanam
  28. Desnmooladi Lehyam
  29. Kadali Rasayanam
  30. Mathala Rasayanam
  31. Manibhadragulam
  32. Inchirasayanam
  33. Valavadi Lehyam
  34. Kurinjikuzhampu
  35. Dasamoolaharithaki
  36. Asthachooranam
  37. Thalisapathradi
  38. Choornam
  39. Rasnadichoornam
  40. Avipathichoornam
  41. Karpoorathi Choornam
  42. Sooranadhi Choornam

Indication :- Dandruff, premature graying, allopacia, scurfing and scratching, spit-ends of hair, retarded growth of hair & baldness.
Application :- KESAPRIYA apply entire the scalp area and gently massage for few minutes before bath. ADVERSE EFFECT: - It need wash with mild herbal shampoo. Do not use soap.
Presentation: - 100 ml  Contra Indication: -NIL
Jayadhilepanam:- Migrain, Sinusitis, Headache
Application :- Apply “Jayadhilepanam oil” entire scalp area gently massage few minutes before bath.
Adverse Effect: - Do not use soap.
Presentation: - 100ml


Indication :- rheumatic arthrits, inflammation, swelling, sprains, lumbago, osteo arthritis, fracture & joint pain  
 Dosage:-  Apply RHUWIN oil on affected area and gently massage 2 or 3 times a day.    Presentaiton:-  100 ml




INDICATION: - Diabetes Mellitus To prevent diabetic complication
DOSAGE: -   According to glucose level in the blood

 • Above 300mg/dl    -   5gm 4 times a day with hot water
• 250mg/dl  -   300mg /dl  -  5gm 3 times a day with hot water
• 200mg/dl  -   250mg/dl   -  5gm 2 times a day with hot water
• 150mg/dl  -   200mg/dl   -  3gm 2 timer a day with hot water

CONTRA INDICATION:  -  NIL[No side effect]
PRESENTATION:  -   100gm/200gm/500gm




PILSMOOTH [Rasyanam]

Indication : - piles , piles with bleeding , constipation , reduces ano-rectic congestion , haemorrhoid , [internal & external] , anal pain , anal fissures , anal itching , prolapse of anus , checks inflammation, flatulence & colic.

Contra indication  : - nil
Adverse effects: -  not reported
Dosage: - 10-20gm at bed time.
Presentation: - 500gm


 LEUWIN  [Powder]
(a powerful Uterin Tonic , Urinary tract Infections)

Indication : - leucorrhoea , dysmenorrhoea , menorrhagia , menstrual disturbances , white discharge , irregular cycles , stomach pain , dysfunction uterine bleeding.

Contra indication : -nil (avoid brinjal and chillies ) 
Adverse effects : -avoid during pregnancy.
Dosage : - 20gm 2 times a day.
Presentation: - 200gm


SWASWIN  [Granules]

Indication:- cough, bronchitis, allergy, sneezing, productive and non productive cough, broncho dialator, bronchial and cardiac asthma, influenza and cold, corryza, pheumonia, eosinophillia.

Contra indication: - nil
Adverse effect: - avoid cold water
Dosage: - 25gm each two- three times a day
Presentation: - 200gm


indication:-The Unique Combination Of 15 Ingradients~ protect The Whole Family From ANEAMIA,Lack Of Vitamin And Protein Deffeciency,Regular Use Of The Medicine, Improve The Health And Reduces Nerval Weakness

Contra indication :-Nill
Dosage-20gm Three Times A Day With Milk
Presentation:- 200gm.

Indication:- Anxiety,stress and strain,The continuous usage of this oil for headache,sinusitis,allergic sneezing etc. This gives good sleep, vision of eye,cooling effect and sharpening stimulation to brain.
Dosage-Gentle massage on entire scalp area for sometimes before bath
Presentation – 100ml

Genaral Products

Chyavanaprasam : - People of any age can use Acharya's Chyavana prasam. The usage of this medicine enhances the level of Blood, reduce fatigue, thirst thereby rejuvenating the body & vigor.
Usage: 1 tsp twice daily.

Pancha Jeeraka Gudam : This is best for the beauty and health of women. It is a mixture of around 40 important ingredients. Continuous usage of this medicine is a remedy for irregular periods, back pain, Gas trouble, stomach pain etc. this is especially good for mother after delivery. Pregnant ladies should avoid this medicine. Usage: 10 gm daily at night after food.

Agasthya Rasayanam : This is best for all kinds of asthmatic diseases. Such as accumulation of Phlegm in the throat, sneezing, cough, eosinophilia, lack of appetite, etc. Continuous usage of this medicine is a remedy for accumulation of phlegm in chest. Smokers should use this medicine.   This enhances the duration of strength and life. This is best for lack of appetite, hiccup, gas troubles, diarrhea and piles.
Avoid refrigerated food
Usage: 1 tsp twice daily.

Sasthavarigulam : This medicine is a remedy for women who suffer from white  discharge and bleeding. Which causes stomach pain, tiredness, lean, etc. Continuous usage of this medicine gives complete relief for all these ailments. Pregnant for all these ailments. Pregnant ladies should avoid this medicine. Drinking a glass of milk along with this medicine is best.
Usage 1 tsp twice daily.

Aswagandhadi Lehyam : This is best for the people who have tiredness there by enhancing the strengthening and development of body and makes healthy. Drinking a glass of milk before or after taking the Medicine.
Usage: 1 tsp twice daily.

Kadalirasaynam : This medicine is especially used for genie disorders such as white discharge, vaginal diseases etc. Continuous use of this medicine gives relief to inflammation of urethra, Migraine, acidity, excessive sweat, tiredness etc.
Usage: 1 tsp twice daily

Kurinjikuzhampu : This is good for delivered mothers who suffer from stomach pain, tiredness anemia, gas trouble, lack of appetite, lack of breast milk. This medicine gives relief to above disorders and gives strength and vigor to the body.
Usage: 1 st step twice daily.

Mathalarasayanam : This is best for asthmatic diseases, hiccup, lack of appetite, spleen diseases and bilious disease.
Usage: 3gm twice daily.

Inchirasayanam : This medicine is best for stomach disorders such as lack of  appetite, indigestion, stomach pain and gas trouble.
Usage: 3gm twice daily.

Neeli Bhringadhi Thailam : This medicinal oil is best for growth of hair, giving black colour to hair and sound sleep.
Usage : Before bath massage,a required quantity of oil in scalp and hair.

Brahmi Thailam : This oil gives best cooling effect to the body and head. It helps in retention of memory.
Usage : Before bath, massage a required quantity of oil in scalp and hair.

Acharya Murivenna : This medicine is best for fracture,   pain,   inflammation swelling and bruise.
Usage : Apply this this oil on painful part of the body.

Other Classic products are available

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